Dwelling Quilt {Pattern Testing}


I was holding onto my Hello Bear fabric for awhile, waiting for the right quilt pattern (and baby) to come along.  Well, both happened to coincide recently!  A dear childhood friend recently had a baby boy and Holly Gets Quilty was getting ready to release this Dwelling Quilt Pattern. You can find this Mug Rug I made using the smaller block from the same pattern.



I just love the modern whimsical palette of this collection.  The teal and mint play so wells with the grays and browns.  This is just a beautiful collection for babies and children.  I mean, who can resist these woodland creatures???



For this quilt, I used the larger of the Dwelling Quilt paper-piecing templates.  It creates a 8″ x 9 3/4″ unfinished block.  I went for a scrappy house look with some fussy cutting for this baby quilt.  Who knows what kind of mess this will be exposed to…so the various colors and patterns works to camouflage any potential incidents  ;)


This was a 5 x 5 block design which created a 35″ x 43 3/4″ finished baby quilt.


As you can see, I added embroidery to the blocks with Valdani Perle Cotton Size #8 Thread in 171  Rich Brown .  It was fun to add some extra texture and of course, that personal touch.  Hopefully, Baby Axel will love this quilt and appreciate the extra love put into it ;)


To get the embroidery lines, I printed the letters on paper in the Return to Sender font.  I like this font because it was masculine and wide enough to work with this quilt.  The letters were traced onto the fabric using a water-soluble fabric pen along with a bright light source so I could see the letters from underneath the fabric.


The quilting was straight-line in a diamond configuration with Aurifil 2310 Light Beige for the top and 2615 Aluminum in the bobbin.  Timberland Green was used for the binding with some fun Adventure Springs accented in to keep with the scrappy feel.


Buck Forest Mist was the perfect backing.  It’s a very masculine print and the gray lends to easy baby management…er….laundry ;)

I can’t wait to see Baby Axel wrapped up and enjoying this quilt :)


Happy Stitching,



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4 thoughts on “Dwelling Quilt {Pattern Testing}

  1. Pat says:

    I love how your roof eaves stick out just a bit further than in the photos of other Dwell houses on the Craftsy site. Did you just make the roof strips a bit wider to get this look? Thanks! Loved your booth at the Worthington Street Market!

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